Relics Trilogy Character-E’Umae

E’Umae began as Umae. I added a change to her name to express more of where she’s from. Her family comes from an Abeni background. Desert, nomadic type people; kinda Middle Eastern. Her family came to the western part of Nanthara to try and better their status, and it is here where E’Umae began taking interest in studies some considered almost forbidden: to be a mage.

E’Umae is a quite beautiful late teen female: strong willed, forthright, forceful, and at times bossy. An unfortunate incident at her mage school forced her to become more judgmental and distrusting of others. Before she fled the school, she came across teachings and writings about the prophecies. This was her fuel to pursue her endeavors as well as this unusual desire to delve further into the ancient and all but forgotten writings. During her travels, the horrors of war bring about a change. She has had faith in Sovereign, and her relationship with Courtar helps to enhance it. Although Courtar is taken by her beauty early on, he comes to realize that his relationship with her is more brother-sister than boyfriend-girlfriend.

E’Umae also hoped that one day she would be lucky enough to find love. Yet she didnt’ expect to find it during the darkest times of Nanthara’s history, in the most unlikely of places, and with the most unlikely of people: Prince James Mhoren. Her presence helps add spice to the alliance, especially with Courtar. The story is unique in that it shows, from E’Umae’s viewpoint, that no matter what you go through, God places people in your life to help you. All the characters in the alliance help her out in differing ways, thus encouraging her to continue on and fulfill her destiny. Join me next time. God bless.


Relics Trilogy-Races-Dwergen

After doing some modifications to my storyline, I figured it best to discuss some of the more unique races that will be experienced in Nanthara.

Dwergen: This is probably the most unique race thus far. In ages past, before many of the races were established on Nanthara, a natural disaster created a situation whereupon a small contingent of Alkani and Dwarves had to coexist, and breed, in order to survive. The new race of Dwergen, a mixbreed, resulted. Many of the purebloods of both original races did not accept the mixing of their species and journeyed out on their own to survive and continue their “untainted” societies. Unfortunately, the Dwarves became extinct, failing to adjust to the catastrophic changes that occurred to their natural habitat.

The Alkani faired little better, but enough of them escaped the confines of Nanthara to venture across great seas to other continents where pure races of the Alkani still thrived. It wasn’t until countless years later that the Alkani ventured forth to reestablish a new home on Nanthara. And they did with wondrous success.

Little did they know, but the “tainted race” of Dwergens had already established a thriving culture underground. Being of Alkani and Dwarven blood, the Dwergen were able to create limited subterranean forests among the typical wondrous stonework of Dwarven architecture; the best of both worlds. The Dwergen stand taller than Dwarves, but a tad shorter than Alkani. They carry a thick build, great strength, and amazing endurance. Dwergen are not as agile as Alkani, but are formidable enough to catch many opponents off guard. Their long haired beards are soft, like the hair on their heads, and both seem to maintain a matching length, unlike the coarse hair of a Dwarf. In their beards, they typically weave gold rings and golden trinkets of family heirlooms, personal treasures, and the like. Their hair carries various hues of auburn with slanted emerald, topaz, or sapphire eyes.

Their names are a combination of Dwarf and Alkani. The first name is Dwarven while the last name is part Dwarf and part Alkani. The first part of the last name reveals where the Dwergen’s family is from. The second part is Alkani and represents a word dealing with nature. Thus, Boren’s full name is Boren Dak-Lionil, (Boren, north, Alkani word for stormbringer). Another example would be Ghanrik Denek-Kiejfuril (Ghanrik, east, stone forest).

I hope you enjoyed this little explanation. In upcoming blogs, I will be describing the Alkaniens and the Nivvicks, and some of the more common human races.

Relics Trilogy Character Study- Boren

Boren, Boren, Boren. This guy is definitely not ‘borin’. He comes across as your typical stalwart Dwergen, with a scarred countenance and a tough disposition garnered from his trials and lifestyle. But like most characters in this book, he has suffered loss. Loss that has sent him across Nanthara on his own pilgrimage that eventually brings him together with the main character, Courtar. Actually, if Boren had not showed up, Courtar would have been dead before the first chapter finished.

Boren is the tank of ‘The Chosen’, the group destined by prophecy to hopefully take the proper road to banish the onset of the Dark Days and defeat Apollodan, the Dark One. Boren can take a hit and keep fighting, like the energizer bunny. But within this tough warrior exterior is a fatherly warmth that helps comfort the younger members while serving as a disciplined thorn in Azin’s side.

Boren, although just and fair, is a racist. He hates Alkanien, all kinds, and is not ashamed to let others know. But honor, courage, and proving one’s self can help offset his views on the surface woodland dwellers. Boren would love nothing better than to be back in his home under the Iron Cap Mountains, but events have caused him to dwell on the surface and seek out a long lost treasure. This journey pulls him into joining the chosen.

His reckless methods and desire for combat, at times, have to be put in check for a more peaceful avenue…against his will, of course. I think the most enjoyable part of the book is watching Boren and Azin interact. Unpredictable, volatile, comical, but in the end, always supportive when need be. Like he’s almost putting up with the most disruptive, irritating, rude friend one could have. Most folks that have read Book 1 have said that their relationship is one of their favorite parts. That’s all for now. Next, we’ll look at Courtar, the main character.

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Relics Trilogy Character Study-Azin

My God, where do I start with this guy? So far, from all the positive feedback I’ve received, Azin is the most liked character in the story. Confrontational, argumentative, opinionated, drunkard, womanizer, selfish, greedy, atheist. Then again, what do you expect from an outcast Alkanien assassin? The funny thing is that he doesn’t quite fit the mold of a typical assassin. He has a family and he has a heart. Although he struggles not to show that he cares about things…he does.

His involvement in searching out the relics and the ancient scrolls happened because of his heart. With his disapproval of the dark path his government was taking, the murdering of Azin’s family due to his disobedience pushes him into his destiny. Running for his life, his learned skills allow him to survive until he is swept up into the drama by meeting Courtar and Boren. Needless to say, they found Azin drunk and in jail. Go figure.

But his struggle with life is what I like, besides his constant confrontations and bickering with Boren (a Dwergen). With all the hardships Azin has gone through, Courtar attempts to show him that he has purpose, and he does care about things. You catch glimpses of this fact in Book 1 and especially as it comes to fruition in Book 2.

His relationship with Boren is the most amusing and most fun to follow, I think. There is more than one time when these two antagonists bear arms against each other with death as the expected outcome. Yes, Dwergens and Alkani hate each other. In Nanthara, very few are tolerable of each other’s presence. But it serves as just another bit of spice to keep conflict present. With Boren pestering him on one end, Courtar (a cleric) preaching to him on the other, and being surrounded by several paladins, a monk, and an irritable female teen mage, it does nothing but add to the fun, and his agony.

Regardless of the circumstances, Azin is a very lethal foe and a worthy ally. The interesting thing about Azin is that it shows how God can select anyone, no matter your background, to serve a higher purpose and be a blessing. Next, we’ll talk about Boren. Take care.

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Why The Relics of Nanthara?

Good question. Bascially, I wanted to write something in the fantasy genre that can cater to the young adult and older with a great story line and a Christian message to boot. Yes, it’s a ministry, but I didn’t want to sugar coat the realities of life, especially in times of war. Those times can be very trying, disheartening, and bloody, so I made sure to include enough description to show how nasty combat and evil the “dark armies” can be without making it so graphic that one would be scared to share it with others.

I was tired of all the love stories and romance stuff out there, and I was hard pressed to find things that carried a Lord of the Rings theme. With the few things already out there, and their limited acceptance, I decided to venture forth and write something myself. The characters are fun, entertaining, and believable. The adventure itself is a cross between Indiana Jones’ adventures of seeking lost relics and LOTR fantasy setting.

The Relics is a trilogy, of which I’ve finished book 1: The Secrets Revealed. Book 2: Sacrifice of Heroes is ready for editing, and Book 3: Dawn of the Apocalypse, is in its planning stages. There is laughter, crazy antics, sadness, anger, bewilderment, and excitement within these stories that should keep one turning pages.

So far, feedback seems positive, even from those that normally don’t dwell in that genre. Not too bad for a novice author. God has blessed me with this talent, and it is up to me to use it and reach others with tireless entertaining story lines that will last for generations.

Take care,


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Hello world!

Well, guess what? I’ve never blogged. But this is a start to a new thing. It’s to share some thoughts as well as discuss information on the books that I’m writing and expect to publish since they carry a unique message. An encouraging message that the world needs to have since there are enough things saturated with negativity, worldly garbage, and crap that everyone thinks they need to be popular. I’m not worried about popular, but being right. And hopefully, to influence others that there is a better way than the dark doldrums they are stuck in, but don’t want to admit it. That’s all for now, until I get the hang of it.

Look for posts dealing with my fantasy realm “Nanthara” and blogs dealing with the books as well as other projects and topics of interest. I may entertain ideas from suggestions as well.

Take care,


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