Relics Trilogy Character- Vindicar

Vindicar’s appearance tells you right away that he is different. A Brenhi Alkanien, different from their woodland ranger cousins the Coegur Alkani, he stands a bit taller, has pale skin, and long almost white hair; almost opposite of a typical Brenhi. With striking blue eyes and a commanding voice, he is well represented as a paladin. Vindicar has had a rough past. Residing from the southern continent of Nutheria, a land well known to serve as home to many Alkani, he served as a dragon knight on the king’s court; a Royal Guard of the king to be exact. He served with rank and honor, until a dreaded event changed his status.

So as not to reveal too much, Vindicar is a servant of Temple Sovereign and therefore carries the same beliefs and doctrine as Sir Angelo. But a dreadful secret can destroy him and all those around him. Fluid with the curved Alkani bastard sword and armed with a polished bone bow, he is a formidable force on the field. His life and his family’s heritage is tattooed in dark blue ink on the left half of his face, down his neck, and onto his torso. But only those knowing the ancient Alkani tongue can decipher the story.

Vindicar’s hunger to fight the war carries hidden meanings. Does he fight it to destroy the Dark One, or is it more for personal gain? That remains to be seen. Hopefully, his past doesn’t become a hindrance to the alliance, especially Sir Angelo.

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Relics Trilogy Character-Sir Angelo Dennisae

Sir Angelo . . . a hulking 6’4″ full plate wearing knight from Temple Sovereign. A man prophesied with destiny. He is a stalwart paladin, focused, confident, and a bit cocky. But when he puts his mind to something, he pretty much does it. He’ll help a little old lady in distress and rescue children from harm, yet turn around and decapitate you if you become a hindrance to anything against his belief; well, there might be a few factors that will keep your body intact.

Sir Angelo has trained at the same temple sect that Courtar was a servant to. His mentor spoke of his importance in future events, and he has never forgotten. Well educated, handsome, charismatic; Sir Angelo has the typical qualities that one would think a knight would carry. But in studying the coming dark times, he knew that his greatest role would be in such a crisis.

His destiny as a leader is not taken lightly. In fact, when the alliance begins to gather more members, he assumes command of the group in a non-democratic way . . . he takes it. Yes, there was some bickering to his method, but he also is willing to take full responsibility for his leadership position.

It is understood that he is a great example of good hating evil, but it becomes more interesting when he is confronted with an obstacle from a direction of which he never predicted. Does he draw a line and stand behind what he believes and what he was trained for, or does he have a heart of compassion and relinquish some of those concrete ideals for the betterment of all?

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