Relics Trilogy Character Study-Courtar

Courtar, our young cleric and main character. The boy is intelligent, but naive and ill prepared to the ways of the world outside his temple walls. Apparently, he didn’t care. Tired of being a servant to others, and seeing no gains being made where he was, his coming across the writings discussing the ancient prophecies was timed perfectly with his desire to explore . . . to gain more, to do more. To prove himself. Feeling disrespected? Probably so. Nobody ever took him seriously. But his heart yearned for more knowledge when he continued gathering more research on the relics.

Courtar was the person who started forming the chosen. Destined by prophecy, Courtar took the first step in allowing this part of ancient lore to be established. Fortunately, his hind parts were saved when Boren stepped in to fetch him out of a mess he got himself into. During his research, Courtar couldn’t help but correlate the ancient prophecies to the writings of Sovereign (Jesus). And as any good cleric would do, he also tried to bring others into a better way of life while trying to find the relics.

Courtar’s immaturity shows with his interactions with others, especially in his dialogue. His “brother-sister” bantering with Umae (female adolescent mage) shows this, and the way he takes fatherly scolding and correction from Boren also helps make this evident. I like Courtar’s “innocent views” on life and some of his responses are comical while trying to show his worldly inexperience from his sheltered life. Even in the end, through all that he goes through, his last bit of actions shows his steadfastness to his teachings and helps to express the true feelings of his heart.

The neat thing to see with Courtar is that it shows that God can use even someone as young, inexperienced, and gullible to become the cornerstone of something larger. But his heart was pure and willing. That’s what allowed him to be successful, and in life, that quality can allow you to accomplish the same.

Next, I will talk about Umae. In the meantime, I may post an excerpt from Book 1.

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