Relics Trilogy Character Study- Boren

Boren, Boren, Boren. This guy is definitely not ‘borin’. He comes across as your typical stalwart Dwergen, with a scarred countenance and a tough disposition garnered from his trials and lifestyle. But like most characters in this book, he has suffered loss. Loss that has sent him across Nanthara on his own pilgrimage that eventually brings him together with the main character, Courtar. Actually, if Boren had not showed up, Courtar would have been dead before the first chapter finished.

Boren is the tank of ‘The Chosen’, the group destined by prophecy to hopefully take the proper road to banish the onset of the Dark Days and defeat Apollodan, the Dark One. Boren can take a hit and keep fighting, like the energizer bunny. But within this tough warrior exterior is a fatherly warmth that helps comfort the younger members while serving as a disciplined thorn in Azin’s side.

Boren, although just and fair, is a racist. He hates Alkanien, all kinds, and is not ashamed to let others know. But honor, courage, and proving one’s self can help offset his views on the surface woodland dwellers. Boren would love nothing better than to be back in his home under the Iron Cap Mountains, but events have caused him to dwell on the surface and seek out a long lost treasure. This journey pulls him into joining the chosen.

His reckless methods and desire for combat, at times, have to be put in check for a more peaceful avenue…against his will, of course. I think the most enjoyable part of the book is watching Boren and Azin interact. Unpredictable, volatile, comical, but in the end, always supportive when need be. Like he’s almost putting up with the most disruptive, irritating, rude friend one could have. Most folks that have read Book 1 have said that their relationship is one of their favorite parts. That’s all for now. Next, we’ll look at Courtar, the main character.

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  1. Interesting characters. I’m getting a sense of what your novel is about. Where are you in the publishing process? Have you considered posting an excerpt here at some point? If you’re not already a member, you might consider joining

    • I’ve heard of, but never looked into it. Since you mentioned it, I will. I’ve also enjoyed the posts of online publications for possible posts of pieces of stories I’ve written to help get stuff out there. Thanks again for the input. And I enjoy your website as well. Keep up the good work.
      As far as the publishing process, I’m still querying. Multiple rejections, but I’ve received five or so positive feedbacks from agents. I rewrote my first chapter, which was a drastic improvement of my ‘slower paced’ original.

      I will also post an excerpt or two. God bless.

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