Why The Relics of Nanthara?

Good question. Bascially, I wanted to write something in the fantasy genre that can cater to the young adult and older with a great story line and a Christian message to boot. Yes, it’s a ministry, but I didn’t want to sugar coat the realities of life, especially in times of war. Those times can be very trying, disheartening, and bloody, so I made sure to include enough description to show how nasty combat and evil the “dark armies” can be without making it so graphic that one would be scared to share it with others.

I was tired of all the love stories and romance stuff out there, and I was hard pressed to find things that carried a Lord of the Rings theme. With the few things already out there, and their limited acceptance, I decided to venture forth and write something myself. The characters are fun, entertaining, and believable. The adventure itself is a cross between Indiana Jones’ adventures of seeking lost relics and LOTR fantasy setting.

The Relics is a trilogy, of which I’ve finished book 1: The Secrets Revealed. Book 2: Sacrifice of Heroes is ready for editing, and Book 3: Dawn of the Apocalypse, is in its planning stages. There is laughter, crazy antics, sadness, anger, bewilderment, and excitement within these stories that should keep one turning pages.

So far, feedback seems positive, even from those that normally don’t dwell in that genre. Not too bad for a novice author. God has blessed me with this talent, and it is up to me to use it and reach others with tireless entertaining story lines that will last for generations.

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  1. Hi Nick. Your story sounds interesting. Have you acquired an agent yet? I’m interested to hear how the publishing process goes for you.

    • Hey Jeff,
      Nope, no agent yet. I’ve given it to God, so I quit worrying awhile ago. I started the blog based on the instruction by those that have been published. I don’t know about your experience in this field, but I’ve learned alot. What genre do you write? Are you part of the Lost Genre Guild? Just wondering because your name sounds familiar.

    • Hey,
      I visited your blog and saw that you know Susanne Lakin. She is a fantastic person and my personal editor. It seems that some of the knowledge you’ve learned is right along the lines of what I’ve found out as well. We’ll keep in touch. God bless and keep writing. Your talent is not in vain and will bless many.

  2. Hey Nick,
    Just a fellow LGG member stopping by. Sounds like you’ve got a fun story on your hands. I like the name of book one. It definitely has a LOTR feel.

    • Hey Brandon,
      Thanks for checking it out. I’m actually going through (yet another revision), but one, from good input by seasoned vets, that will make the story a tad more interesting and not so stereotypical of Tolkein. I’ll be posting some stuff later.

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